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What Is An Appraisal?

What is an appraisal?
The following definitions are from the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP):

APPRAISAL: (noun) the act or process of developing an opinion of value; an opinion of value.

(adjective) of or pertaining to appraising and related functions such as appraisal practice or appraisal services.

Comment: An appraisal is numerically expressed as a specific amount, as a range of numbers, or as a relationship (e.g., not more than, not less than) to a previous value opinion or numerical benchmark (e.g., assessed value, collateral value).

APPRAISAL PRACTICE: valuation services performed by an individual acting as an appraiser, including but not limited to appraisal and appraisal review.

Comment: Appraisal practice is provided only by appraisers, while valuation services are provided by a variety of professionals and others. The terms appraisal and appraisal review are intentionally generic and are not mutually exclusive. For example, an opinion of value may be required as part of an appraisal review assignment.

APPRAISER: one who is expected to perform valuation services competently and in a manner that is independent, impartial, and objective.

CLIENT: the party or parties (i.e., individual, group, or entity) who engage an appraiser by employment or contract in a specific assignment, whether directly or through an agent.

INTENDED USE: the use(s) of an appraiser’s reported appraisal or appraisal review assignment results, as identified by the appraiser based on communication with the client at the time of the assignment.

INTENDED USER: the client and any other party as identified, by name or type, as users of the appraisal or appraisal review report by the appraiser, based on communication with the client at the time of the assignment.


A.L. Appraisal Co. understands the total concept of evaluating real estate includes market analyses, real property asset valuation, feasibility studies, rental studies, external examination services and matters which may only require advice or counsel.

When you engage A.L. Appraisal Co. you receive unbiased and objective services.